About us

Launched in April 2018, our aim is to link families to local and independent services in London. The Chinwaggers card is a discount card for those who have children aged 0-14yrs old. We partner with services who provide separate activities for both adult and child, this includes but is not limited to body and fitness, work spaces, children’s events, high street shops, nannies and childminders etc. Our card holders are able to receive discounts and special offers from a host of businesses in their local areas and further a field.



Meet the Founders

Shamira Scott

Having worked in the Design industry for 3.5 years as an Interior Architect, with clients in both High-End Retail and Cosmetics Design sectors, one would have thought that requesting to go back to work after maternity leave (with my first child) on a part-time basis would have been granted or at least some offer of flexibility? Well, not quite so, as I was asked to return full-time and commit to all onsite travel (including overnight) requirements. So I threw in the towel, felt defeated and continuedto be a SAHM (stay at home mum).

Hi, I’m Shamira Scott, a wife, mother and home educator of two very active boys. I moved to the area of West London after getting married in 2013. Since having my first born the following year I was given the best advice from my health visitor, which was to go to our nearest Children’s Centre to attend their baby classes. It’s now been over 4 years and not only had going to all the different classes, meeting so many incredible parents and their babies, and exploring a host of amazing places been amazing, but I had made some truly awesome friends which I hope to hold on to for the rest of my life.

These experiences are what helped me to create two parent-only social media groups for local parents in our area of London, and then The Mum’s Chinwag, which was a launch of amateur YouTube videos that I created with the help of my mama pals, to showcase some of our trips and outings, as well as discussing topics relevant to our modern day parenthood. Now recently launched the Chinwaggers card, a discount card for parents and people with children aged 0-14yrs old.

Knowing that being a parent can be expensive business, we shop not just for leisure but because we just have to. Things need to be paid for, whether activities for the children or food etc.  Either way a lot of expenses are going out, and for some exceeding what’s coming in.

I wanted to do something which benefits us as parents (affordable for all) and also gives back to our local and Independent community.



Hana Nikodimos

Hi, i’m Hana Nikodimos, originally from Ethiopia but now a Londoner and a mum to two girls. Currently dedicating myself to cultivating my girls for tomorrow’s generation (full time mum). Prior to this position, I worked with young people (known as care leavers) aged between 16 to 18 years of age. I am a social work graduate and loved my job. Currently exploring motherhood/parenthood and all that it represents. And in doing so I found myself chinwagging and walked myself into the Chinwaggers lane.