10% off 'Hats of Faith' - Children's Illustration Book

We're so proud to have Hats of Faith join us on our ever growing list of partners. As parents we feel it's so important to teach our children about diversity and respect toward each other.
hats of faith
Hats of Faith is a beautifully illustrated children’s board book introducing readers to the shared custom of head covering.
Using accurate terminology, phonetic pronunciations and bright, beautiful imagery, Hats of Faith helps educate and prepare young children and their parents for our culturally diverse modern world.
Read, Discover, Learn
• Accurate terminology, phonetic pronunciation and clear information
• Encouraging an early and open dialogue between parents and children
• Inspiring tolerance and understanding of others
For access to their FREE Teaching Tools, please visit: www.hatsoffaith.com
You can enjoy 10% off this beautiful book when you purchase our discount card (discount codes will be sent to customers)

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