The best way any parent or guardian can support independent and local businesses by also receiving something special in return.This is the card for you! From soft play centres to adult fitness classes, we’ve got you covered.

With new businesses added frequently you are sure to find something of interest to visit or buy online.We’ve tried to make our discount card affordable for ALL parents, making sure that you will make your money back quickly from only making one or even two purchases from any of the businesses we have partnered with.If you’d like us to add a fab business that you love, then drop us an email and we’ll be sure to contact them! 

Order your card now and pay £12.00 (plus additional £2 postage and packaging to your home address).


  • £12 per year (cards are valid from the date you purchase your card, for 12 months). Renewal of cards can be made from anytime in the year.
  • One card per customer

Please read our terms and conditions for more information about your card


I used the Chinwaggers card at ‘GreenBay’ vegan shop. Here I can sometimes buy items cheaper than WholeFoods Market. With The Chinwaggers Card, I also got half price tickets to VegFest London 2018. Easy to use with discounts.

– Aniko


Really love the Chinwaggers card, it offers a lot of great discounts. I especially like the 20% off little flippers at Flip Out (Brent Cross), and that me and my 4 year old can spend as long as we want there.

– Kiran