Cuckooz Nest (Clerkenwell) – 10% off any membership

Cuckooz Nest – 10% off membership type (full time or flexible) Cuckooz Nest is a hybrid workspace. London’s first fully-flexible, Ofsted registered creche with workspace for parents and children under 2yrs old. We allow parents to be close enough to breastfeed their children or read them a story. In terms of childcare, we offer more flexible hours and host fewer children then traditional nurseries. We provide a community of like-minded co-workers, a place free from home distractions, while helping to assuage the guilt a new parent can feel when putting their child into day-care.

We allow you to transition seamlessly between work and life empowering parents to pursue big careers without compromising parenthood.

A first for London, Cuckooz Nest lets working parents book office and creche space on a Pay-As-You-Go basis with zero commitment from as little as one hour a day. –

Yep that’s right, you can bring your children to work with you whilst you crack on with your day-job. They’ve also created a nap zone for stressed out working parents too!

For more information please take a look at their website or book a tour of their coworking space in Clerkenwell. Grab your Chinwaggers discount card now to receive 10% off any membership type (full time or flexi) Quote your card over the phone and show proof of your card before making any purchases to receive your offer.

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