Manifesto (Organic Pizza’s) – 20% off the bill

 Manifesto is a new small pizza place on Northcote Road in Battersea, where you can find an 100% Organic Pizza, and where all the ingredients and drinks are organic and biological.

We respect the quality of the food that we serve and for this reason we have a really small menu that is subject to changes every few months because we only use seasonal products from Italy.

Our pizza’s are light, healthy and digestible because our dough is made with one of the best organic Italian flour and fermented for 24 hours: this process allow us to have a crunchy and really tasty Pizza. At Manifesto we say: IF IT’S NOT ITALIC, IT’S NOT ORGANIC  🙂

Chinwaggers card holders can receive 20% off the bill at Manifesto Pizza. Grab your Chinwaggers card here today!

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